Understanding Your Kegel Muscles – how to do kegel exercises

Do you understand the importance of your Kegel muscles?

It is important for women to have strong Kegel muscles.

By strengthening a woman’s Kegel muscles, she is preventing pelvic floor issues like urinary incontinence.

A woman is able to strengthen her vaginal muscles by exercising her Kegel muscles, which can help during and after childbirth.

There is also the sexual enhancement aspect of exercising one’s Kegel muscles. This benefit can be experienced by both the woman and her partner during intercourse.

One of the best ways to exercise Kegel muscles is with jade eggs. This method dates back to the women of the ancient Royal Chinese courts.


So how to do kegel exercises additional information.

If you were looking to find how to do pelvic muscle exercises, you came to the right place. But so did the people looking to do kegels or kegel exercises. The kegels are part of the pelvic floor muscles that contain the bladder.

How to Identify the Correct Muscle

To find the proper muscle, imagine having to pass gas while with a group of people. In order not to embarrass yourself, you squeeze the muscles around your rectum to hold the gas back. This is the muscle you want to exercise.

Common Mistakes

Never use your stomach, legs, buttocks, and don’t hold your breath. To be sure you are not using your abdominal muscles, place your hand on your abdomen while you squeeze the pelvic floor muscle. If you are feeling your abdomen move, you are also using your stomach muscle.

How to Exercise

When exercising it is important to squeeze and relax your muscles as prescribed. One work/ rest cycle is one exercise. If while you exercise you no longer feel the contraction, the muscle is tired. Stop and rest for a few minutes and then go back to the exercises.

Where to Exercise

These exercises can be done anywhere at any time. If you are doing them properly, your legs, stomach, thighs and buttocks will not move, and no one will know you are doing your exercises. Do the exercise standing, sitting, and lying down. That way you will recognize how to use the muscle in any position in which you may have leakage.

Can These Exercises Harm Me?

NO! These exercises cannot harm you in any way. If you get back or stomach discomfort after you exercise, then you are trying to hard and using extra muscles. Relax, and start over.

Prescribed Exercise

Contract the muscle for 3 seconds, and then relax for 3 seconds (this is one exercise or cycle). Do 10 exercises in a row. Repeat this 2 times each day (breakfast and bedtime). Then add 2 seconds each week.

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Don’t just settle for what doctors are telling you – keep doing your own research.

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